Emotional Wellness

Emotional well-being is more than the absence of mental illness.

Rather, it is the ability to accept all parts of our humanity and embodied experiences with grace. 



Reconnect with the present moment through one of our IFS meditations.

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Explore the blog: It's a personal journey of thoughts, feelings, and trauma informed tips.

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IFS Resources


We share our top IFS Tools and valuable resources to support you on your soul's journey.

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An Invitation to Your Inner Critic by Kristen.

A Meditation for Growing Peace by Kristen.



Mindfulness & Energy Healing


Incorporating skills into your everyday life through apps and other tools.



For Parents and Caregivers


For a free "symptom checker," basic guide to anxiety and depression, and mental health resources for students check out:  

Recommended reads for parents:  


Anxiety & Depression 

Your symptoms do not make you broken or crazy or unworthy. They are simply parts in you that are ready to be heard and healed with your compassionate curiosity. Here are some resources for you to explore on your way to wholeness.

Check out the American Psychological Association for current research on how recovery is within your reach. 

The Depression Project offers daily strategies and supportive messages - for free! 

Wildflower Alliance offers peer support groups for mindfulness, suicidal thoughts, and more. 


If you are in a current state of crisis, please text "help" to 741-741.


Body Diversity and Weight Inclusivity

Body compassion (or body neutrality, if compassion feels too scary of a leap), is absolutely possible! If you are interested in learning how to think critically about  assumed moral and cultural values attached to body size, discover the joy in movement, and/or develop flexibility around food, here are some great resources. 

Be Nourished


Body Image Facts