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I am here to guide you on this journey to embodiment and remembering. As a former clinical mental health therapist, I practice an eclectic form of trauma-informed healing that draws from somatic experiencing and Internal Family Systems therapy. I weave all these modalities through my signature programs, Shame/LESS and The Conscious Witness, so you can build a deeper connection to your Self Energy, which is the source of healing within each of us.  

My soul’s purpose, is to mentor you back to your Self, because you are your greatest healer.  Together, we will alchemize your pain into your purpose through the healing balm that is Self Energy. The ripple effects will astound you. 

YOU are your greatest healer. 

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I'm a retired psychotherapist turned soul coach. I founded Rebel Soul Coaching in 2023 after my own deep soul-searching journey that unraveled me from the inside, out.  The soul's evolution is that like...we reach the next level of consciousness and suddenly there is now where else to go but down and through.

While I  have been contemplating this career transition for a while, my mind and body needed time to grieve the parts of my identity that I felt deep inside of me was time to leave behind.  The soul's evolution is also like that....we need space to process and energy to grieve the loss of the versions of ourselves we must lay down in order to step into alignment and integrity. For me, this has meant giving up two professional licenses, my private practice and my job title.

To be clear, my Work was NEVER in question. I love my job because I love the people I work with. But, practicing compassion and non-judgement under a health care system does not prioritize empowered personal wellness began to stifle my energy and my medicine.

Frankly, it felt oppressive. I do not agree with pathologizing emotions, spiritual experiences, ancient wisdom, or any other symptom directly related to other systems, like racism and patriarchy. As I continue my personal decolonizing and trauma healing work, the way in which I see and interact with the world has dramatically shifted. In response to this deep, integrative healing, I am taking my medicine out of the individual therapist's office and pouring it into this glorious community of fellow Rebel Souls, like you!

I am deeply grateful you are here. I honor you courage to do this work.


*Sometimes it can be helpful to read a little bit more about the lived experiences of a healer. This is my story about how I landed in this work. It contains themes of sexual violence and disordered eating. If this will cause you harm to read, please scroll past. If it will help you feel less alone, keep reading.* 

As a young child, I was deeply connected to the Earth and would spend hours in the woods behind my house mixing berry potions and communing with Spirit. As I grew, I began to receive the subtle messages many of us experience and shut down this part of me in order to "fit in." Still, I sought to understand the world through a spiritual lens which, at the time, included the christian religion. The paradigm of "good" versus "evil" gave me clear rules by which I could abide. I liked the status being a "good girl" gave me in my family and community and I played this part well. 

When I was 14, I was raped by someone I trusted.  At the time, I couldn't write a story in my mind to make it make sense. My childhood worldview that was neatly categorized into "good" and "bad" suddenly became a muddy, mixed up mess. 

How could my body experience pleasure while simultaneously dissociating from distress and trauma? How could someone I trust betray me? How could I still be "good" after something like this happened? I started to question mySelf and everything I thought I knew. 

This was my first radical awakening to my body’s capacity to hold multiple truths at the very same time: there is light and darkness in all of us. But without a mentor to guide me through the confusion, the shadow swallowed me whole.

I silenced myself to an internal purgatory of shame, secrecy and pretend. I needed a box to organize the chaos in my mind and body.

In order to “right my wrong,” I denied myself from all forms of pleasure. No sex. No sweets. Eventually, no food. The smaller I could make myself, the safer I would be. I contorted myself into a category of womanhood that I thought would keep me safe: pretty, pleasing, and polite. 

By my senior year of high school, Denial and Control ruled my life. But when that strategy failed, I could right that wrong, too. Making myself throw up became my second secret in my arsenal of shame stories. 

I left home for college, but by the end of freshman year it felt like a hurricane was shredding my carefully curated system of denial, control, and perfectionism to bits. 

At this point, I knew I was sick. The cycle of bingeing and purging had become a safety net to my tightrope routine of perfectionism. But shame kept me from owning that truth and I convinced myself I could fix this on my own, too. 

(Hyper-independence is another form of trauma coping).

I applied to a summer program on the island of Oahu, where my mom grew up and I had spent some time as a child. It was the most peaceful place I could think of to heal myself... by myself....no one needed to know... 

The Universe (and my brain chemistry) had different plans. 

That was the summer I experienced my first acute manic episode. I didn't know I had bipolar disorder at the time, all I knew was while this mania didn’t feel like “me”, it was also liberating to the parts in me that were so controlling and rigid. After 5 years of shut down, my body woke up again to pleasure and desire and aliveness. 

Of course, the higher the highs, the lower the lows. 

This mood episode peaked and then plummeted me into a dark depression that turned out to save my life. Because I physically could no longer "perform" my life, I was forced to ask and accept the help I so desperately needed. 

My moods took me into the shadows, which was exactly where I needed to go in order to find my way back into the light. 

This is the part in me that brought me into this field of psychology, first as a patient, and now as a practitioner. 

Over the past fifteen, I've built a career dedicated to trauma healing, mental wellness, and holding space for our messy humanness to coexist.

My identity continues to expand and evolve as a navigate motherhood, partnership, unfurling healing processes and spiritual remembering.

My worth (and yours) was never meant for someone else to measure.

It has always existed inside of each of us. 

And I've dedicated my life's Work to helping women remember this, too.

As a healer, mentor, and guide, I whole-heartedly welcome ALL parts of you. Bring it all to the table. I will help you make sense of the mess and the triggers and the shadows we learned to hide in shame. It is likely the very place that is calling your soul back into alignment.

Will you answer the call? 

I'm ready!

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