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Discover your path to healing through my diverse coaching options:

One-to-One Coaching offers personalized guidance for a tailored healing journey, while Self-Led Coaching empowers you to take charge at your own pace. Join our vibrant community in Group Coaching, where collective wisdom and support foster an environment for shared growth and transformation.

Each option provides a unique avenue toward healing and personal growth, allowing you to choose the approach that resonates with your personal journey.

1:1 Mentorship & Subconscious Healing

You've read all the self-help books, taken many an e-course on mindset and nervous system regulation, been in traditional talk therapy, and still, you are feeling depleted and stuck.

You long for a deeper connection to your body's wisdom, your intuition, and your soul-purpose. Societal programming around success has led you into burnout one too many times. You are ready for new state of being. 

Kristen's individualized 1:1 mentorship program will help you unearth the rotten root systems of your subconscious that are driving you into these endless cycles of depression, anxiety, and suffering. Are you ready to step fully into ALIGNMENT?

Your soul is calling you home. 

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Shame/LESS: A Therapeutic Guide to Unapologetic Living

Unlock your inner critic's potential in our empowering 4-week self-led course, where you'll liberate yourself from self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

Experience true freedom and empowerment as you embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery. 

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The Conscious Witness

Introducing an 8-week group coaching program: Reclaim your worth,  Release judgment, Reduce burnout, and Reconnect with your inherent self-worth.

Stay tuned for exciting details coming your way!


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