You're one step away from a better relationship with your Inner Critic!

You are disconnected from your beloveds. 

You are disillusioned by your career path. 

You are detached from your reason for being. 


You feel tired in your bones, yet your Inner Critic continues to gnaw incessantly:


 “You don’t have time to rest.” 

“You should be able to handle that problem.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Your life isn’t that bad. Just get up and do it.” 

“You shouldn’t be feeling like this.” 

“You’re so lazy.” 

“That’s not good enough. Fix it.” 


If this describes you, I want to invite you to grab this free downloadable 40 minute guided meditation. 


You are ready to release the chatter that occupies your brain space and release the critical thoughts that keep you doubting your every decision. You want to experience your life with more presences and less anxiety.  You want to reduce burnout and release judgment but you don’t quite know where to start….or the Inner Critic inside of you is blocking you from trying a different path. 


I get it. I have a part in me that used to manage my whole life. Did she keep me safe in a world that expected perfection?

Yes, she did.

But...this part also kept me in a constant state of hypervigilance in my relationships, disconnected from my desire, and ultimately led me to build a life that was deeply unsatisfying. 


Do you see yourself in my story? 


If you are feeling disconnected from your body, your relationships, career, or your purpose, you may have a loud Inner Critic. This is your invitation to begin a new relationship with this part inside of you. 


Fill out the form below and you will get a free guided meditation sent straight to your inbox that will bring you into relationship with your Self and this Part. This is the first courageous act that will move you in the direction of emotional freedom and fulfilment. 


I’m Ready for Change! 

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