Welcome, Rebel Soul


You have answered a call -- a call for healing, a call for joy, a call for community, a call to remember your authentic power that lives in your TRUTH.

In a world that profits from your shame, it is a REBELLIOUS act of LIBERATION to live into your truth and love yourSelf completely. 

Thank you for being You.

I am Kristen, your guide and mentor on this journey to embodiment and remembering. Here, I invite you to place down the burdens you have been carrying alone and BREATHE. 

You are on way on your home. 

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Welcome, Love


Your soul has answered a call -- a call for healing, a call for joy, a call for community, a call to remember your authentic power that lives in your TRUTH.

Thank you. 

I am Kristen, a guide and mentor on your journey to embodiment and remembering. Here, I invite you to place down the burdens you have been carrying alone and BREATHE. 

You are on way on your home. 

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"You hold in yourSelf, that which you seek."

-Kristen Antonio, LMHC




To the one who was made to feel ashamed for being different; 

To the Truth Tellers, The Secret Seekers, The Shadow Dancers, The Rebellious Souls:

We need your medicine now. We need your courage. We need your perspective. We need your leadership.

If you know this in your bones but are paralyzed by the anxious spiral of self-doubt and judgment, it's time to befriend your Inner Critic.

Discover your Inner Critic and unlock profound self-awareness with our FREE 40-minute guided meditation!

I'm ready for transformation

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My Offerings


1:1 Therapeutic Mentorship


There is no shame in your learning and healing process. The mental, emotional, and physical symptoms you are experiencing right now, are trailheads that will guide you into a life that is purposeful and aligned. 

In this program, you will meet with Kristen for individualized support as you break free from criticism and expectations that keep you stuck, anxious, and alone.

This is for folks ready to engage in somatic, energetic, and intuitive healing practices that bring you into deeper connection with your unique Soul Energy!


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A Therapeutic Guide to Unapologetic Living.

Unlock your inner critic's potential in our empowering 4-week self-led course, where you'll liberate yourself from self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

Experience true freedom and empowerment as you embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery. 

We're getting ready to launch soon. Join the waitlist now to get first access!


Moon Mother


A year-long, intimate container for women navigating a turbulent season of motherhood. It is in the uncharted waters of parenting, that we come face to face with our fears, wounds, and limiting beliefs. In this circle, you will learn techniques to release and heal personal and ancestral traumas and patterns, so that you can nurture yourSelf and your family from a place of compassionate connection. 

Enrollment for 2024 has closed. 



"Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone's soul to heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd."



Let's get to it!

The Internal Family Systems therapy techniques that I use are woven through my signature programs, Shame/LESS: Learning to work with your Inner Critic and The Conscious Witness. 

Both programs are designed to help you build a deeper connection to your Self Energy, the source of healing within each of us. 

YOU are your greatest healer. 

My soul’s purpose, is to mentor you back to your Truth. I also know healing is accelerated in relationship. I take great care to co-create a brave and sacred community where we can uplift, witness, and unconditionally love one another into each of our unique and worthy selves.  Together, we alchemize pain into purpose and the ripple effects will astound you! 

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Delve into my blog for my daily thoughts, inspiring content and a guide to your rebellious soul.

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Our Why

As our name suggestions, the SOUL of this business is to ignite a REBELLION deep within – an awakening that declares you are more than the boxes you’ve been conditioned to check and the cages you’ve managed to squeeze and contort yourself in order to fit in.  On some level, you already know this because you found your way here. This recognition is the ember that will light with flame for your rising. 

You will feel anger. You will feel pain. You will move into the heartache as you dismantle the shackles of shame that have kept you playing small. This work requires courage, persistence, and the willingness to release beliefs and patterns that at one point in time, helped you survive. 

This soul-work is not for the faint of heart. And that’s the point. Because if the soul of the work is to ignite a rebellion, the heart of the work is to find your way back into love and compassion. 

Compati, the Latin word for compassion, literally means “to suffer with.” When you learn how to hold space for the parts in you that are suffering, you breathe light into your shadows. The embedded fears and traumas become the very experiences that guide you back to love. This radical compassion will transmute the grief and pain into an embodied confidence that will unlock you energy in all the ways. 

I know this because I live this. Everyday, I return to this compassion as my guiding principle: And everytime I “suffer with” the parts in me I am afraid to look at, I liberate them from fear and I fall deeper in love with mySelf and my life. 

This is possible for you, too. The world needs you in love with yourSelf as we co-create a new paradigm for generations to come. It would be an honor to teach you the exact methodology I use to return to this sacred place within. This is the healing balm you’ve been seeking and it is found tucked up under your heart. Let me guide you in. 

Our JEDI/Anti-Racist Values: 

Rebel Soul Coaching is committed to creating an equitable, anti-racist, decolonial company. We aspire to dismantle and divest from the extractive qualities of the white colonial mindset. We commit to open conflict and allow for discomfort to arise as we allow space for community members to be heard and deal with the underlying issues. We take responsibility through action, investments with BIPOC mentorship, and ongoing culturally responsive trainings. Psychological bravery is a core tenet of the liberatory work we do at Rebel Soul Coaching. As we hold space to dismantle our own inner systems of oppression, we are intentional about translating that into external actions of equity.

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